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General Information

  • Is this event 18+?
    All attendees must be 18 to enter.
  • When do we get wristbands?
    You will receive your wristband by mail. Be sure to input the correct mailing address.
  • What airport should I fly into?
    ECP (Panama City, FL) is the closest, 58 minutes (48 miles) away. VPS (Destin, FL) is 1 hour away (54 miles) PNS (Pensacola, Fl) is a larger airport that is 1 hr 27 minutes (92 miles) away. All airports are near Florida's most beautiful beaches!
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Animals are not allowed. Information on service animals can be found under the ADA tab.
  • Can I bring alcohol?
    Each person 21+ may bring up to 1 case of beer or boxed wine or one 750 ml plastic bottle of liquor. ​Outside alcohol will only be allowed in the campground and will not be permitted inside the main venue.
  • Can I bring a totem?
    Totems are allowed as long as they are not offensive or vulgar, taller than six (6) feet and are not made with anything that may result in injury including wood or metal.
  • Is water available on site?
    There will be hydration stations on-site! You may bring a reusable water bottle or they are available for purchase at the Sol Fest Booth. Water will also be available at bars.
  • Do you have ADA accessibility?
    Please see the ADA Guide for all ADA information including service animals.
  • Are there golf cart services available?
    Catcharyde Golf Cart Rides are only $5 for patrons.
  • Is VIP worth it?
    VIP is the way to go!
  • Can I arrive early?
    Only guests with early arrival passes may arrive on Wednesday beginning at 10:00 A.M. CST . All other guests may arrive on Thursday at 10:00 AM.
  • What kind of vehicle pass do I need?
    A parking pass is required for attendees leaving the festival daily. A car camping pass is required for anyone bringing a vehicle on site that is camping.
  • Can I visit my friends in VIP?
    Attendees must hold a VIP Pass for access to VIP Camping and VIP access points.
  • Can I leave the campground if I need something?
    Be sure to bring camping essentials to the festival. Any vehicles leaving the campground must purchase a parking pass and will have to park outside of the campground. There is a general store on site for all of your needs.
  • Can I bring an RV?
    There are multiple RV add-on options: primitive, power/water, and full hookups. RVs will be in a separate designated area and one companion vehicle is allowed.
  • Are showers available?
    Showers are included for VIP pass holders or $10 each.

Prohibited Items

  • Fireworks or explosives

  • Glass of any kind

  • Weapons of any kind or items that can be used as a weapon (Knives)

  • Flammable Products (Aerosols)

  • Illegal Substances 

  • Drug Paraphernalia

  • Drones

  • Open Flame including charcoal grills and campfires

  • Propane Tanks larger than 1 LB

  • Pets (See ADA Guide for Service Animals)

  • Paint

  • ATVs or Golf Carts 

  • Laser Pointers

  • Totems that are offensive, vulgar, or taller than seven (7) ft

  • Unofficial Sound Camps

  • Excessive Noise 

  • Generators unless in designated RV areas

  • Any other item deemed necessary to maintain the safety of patrons.

Recommended Items

  • Camping Supplies (tent, canopy, trash bags, flashlight, canopy lights,) 

  • Sunscreen and Bugspray

  • Pashmina, Hat, Sunglasses

  • Jacket, Poncho, and Clothes for all types of weather

  • Swimsuits and Floats.

  • Towels, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Wipes

  • Food and Water

  • Reusable Water Bottle. There will be hydration stations on-site.

Additional Prohibited items in the Venue

  • Food or Drink in the Venue (Water available in the venue)

  • Cooler

  • Chairs, Canopies, Couches (Inflatables included)

  • Large Backpacks or Luggage

  • One-Wheels or Bikes

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